Let's Clean Up the Hotlines on the Internet Campaign
How To Start
Your Own
"Clean Up the Hotlines Campaign"

1. Write Me
The Please WRITE to me, let me know of your campaign state or area or numbers you are working on.
  • Send me a copy of your charts as you go along, and… how it is going – so I can remove the number from the list at the end :)
2. Go to the BAD NUMBER LIST
Pick one number at a time to eradicate from the internet. 
  • Please pick the more obvious out-of-service numbers
    • Some numbers I have removed are in a gray area and I just don’t want to list them on my site for suicidal callers. 
    • Let’s save those for later :)
3. COPY AND PASTE the Bad Number into Google or other internet search engine.
This search will show you how many sites still list the old bad number
  • Read the search info carefully, often just part of the number comes up etc.
    • There will be many duplicate listings.
    • These days it might not matter as much how the number is entered for example: (888) 555-9999 or 888-555-9999 or 8885559999 but it could make a difference.
  • If you should find a number that should not be on the bad number list - be sure to let me know !!

4. Get organized with this PDF chart or make your own.

Dig into the links and fill out your form – maybe as you go along.
  • Contact Forms – You must keep a record of these also.  You can copy what you write in the comment boxes and put the info in the chart.

5. Please Try to Use the Following Sample Email. There is a copy in the PDF chart.

Sample Email:
(Please send your email with the links as I have included below)

Subject Line: 888-555-9999* is Out of Service
(*copy and insert the bad number)

I am/we are writing to let you know that 888-555-9999* has been out of service since _____Put the Bad Number Date here_____

This number is listed on your web site here:  ____________Put the url where they have the number listed here__________________

This email is being sent as a part of a campaign to get rid of thousands of bad hotline listings on the internet.

Thank you :) !

Your Name

Good hotline numbers save lives. Bad numbers can kill.  Let's Clean Up the Internet ! Today !
Why Hotlines Need Updating

6. Please always be kind, understanding, and courteous !!! - No matter how many emails it takes.

We might never know what has happened to some of these webmasters. We must understand this and never become angry or judgemental <3

  • People start sites with great intentions that they sometimes can’t finish or keep up with –
    • life happens, loved ones die – grief takes over
    • people run out of money and time to give
    • people get depressed, people get sick, people die. 
  • Just like with the hotlines – no one before has been able to keep it up. I am working on it now but I have 30- 40 states to go !
  • If you have one who never responds, let me know.  Maybe we can find another way to reach them :)
7. Please don’t send emails to the same person too often, maybe every few months – whatever you have time for :)

8. If you run into ANY problems, please write me !!

Thank You :)

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