Why Hotlines Need Updating

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Keeping a list of Suicide Hotlines on your site is a problem
that requires some extra work and responsibility
Most Webmasters Don't Know
that the Hotlines need frequent updating !
hotline numbers listed by well meaning webmasters.


Here's Why...

  • Hotline numbers frequently change or go obsolete due to loss of funding, organizational changes, & area code changes.
What happens to the old phone numbers ?

They get reassigned !

  • The new number can belong to any kind of business, personal residence, fax number, modem, who knows!!

Suicidal Callers can get

  • out of service numbers,
  • someone's home number
  • or even a sex hotline !
  • This has happened to lots of numbers.

Recently an organization lost their web site and a porn site went up in it's place !!

A number in Hawaii went to a casket store ! Yikes !


What's the Solution ?

Use SuicideHotlines.net to help keep suicide hotline listings
on the internet as current as possible:

Either LINK to it, or use the site to UPDATE your own pages.

Use SuicideHotlines.net to help keep suicide hotline listings on the internet as current as possible.

Link to the home page or your state's page,

or USE SuicideHotlines.net to COPY and PASTE,

USE the UPDATE CHART and BAD NUMBER LIST to help update your own pages.


  • By providing a generic, text only version of the hotlines for other webmasters to COPY and PASTE or Save As a PDF into their own sites perhaps will help us have the most accurate list of suicide hotline phone numbers possible.

  • The numbers are public information and no copyright is claimed on SuicideHotlines.net.

  • Webmasters can now more easily link to the home page or individual state pages or link them into frames on their own sites.

  • The state pages are plain with no identifying links.

The internet is full of Bad Numbers.
Let's clean up the internet !

How to Start Your Own
Clean Up the Hotlines
Internet Campaign !

Please Note That AAS - the American Association of Suicidology
is no longer displaying their list of Crisis Centers,
for those who may wish to update their links.

Thank You :)

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