Let's Clean Up the Hotlines on the Internet Campaign

How To Start
Your Own
"Clean Up the Hotlines Campaign"

1. Write Me

  • The Please WRITE to me, let me know of your campaign state or area or numbers you are working on.
    • Send me a copy of your charts as you go along, and… how it is going – so I can remove the number from the list at the end :)

2. Go to the BAD NUMBER LIST

  • Pick one number at a time to eradicate from the internet. 
    • Please pick the more obvious out-of-service numbers
      • Some numbers I have removed are in a gray area and I just don’t want to list them on my site for suicidal callers. 
      • Let’s save those for later :)

3. COPY AND PASTE the Bad Number into Google or other internet search engine.

  • This search will show you how many sites still list the old bad number
  • Read the search info carefully, often just part of the number comes up etc.
    • There will be many duplicate listingsshould not
    • These days it might not matter as much how the number is entered for example: (888) 555-9999 or 888-555-9999 or 8885559999 but it could make a difference.
  • If you should find a number that should not be on the bad number list - be sure to let me know !!

4. Get organized with this PDF chart or make your own.

  • Dig into the links and fill out your form – maybe as you go along.
  • Contact Forms – You must keep a record of these also.  You can put the info in the chart.

5. Please Try to Use the Following Sample Email. There is a copy in the PDF chart.

Sample Email:
(Please send your email with the links as I have included below)

Subject Line: 888-555-9999* is Out of Service
(*copy and insert the bad number)

I am/we are writing to let you know that 888-555-9999* has been out of service since _____Put the Bad Number Date here_____

This number is listed on your web site here:  ____________Put the url where they have the number listed here__________________

This email is being sent as a part of a campaign to get rid of thousands of bad hotline listings on the internet.

Thank you :) !

Your Name

Good hotline numbers save lives. Bad numbers can kill.  Let's Clean Up the Internet ! Today !
Why Hotlines Need Updating

6. Please always be kind, understanding, and courteous !!! - No matter how many emails it takes.

  • We might never know what has happened to some of these webmasters. 
  • Just like with the hotlines – no one has been able to keep it up. 
  • People start sites they sometimes can’t finish –
    • life happens, loved ones die – grief takes over
    • people run out of money and time to give
    • people get depressed, people get sick, people die. 
  • If you have one who never responds, let me know.  Maybe we can find another way :)

7. Please don’t send them too often, maybe once a month or every few months – whatever you have time for :)

8. If you run into ANY problems, please write me !!

Thank You :)

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